Services and Recommendations


In the beginning stages, we can help you determine what services are needed,  Does your estate need a total liquidation or partial?


Whether moving across town, another state, or downsizing to assisted living; we can help you move in the right direction for selling unwanted household items, even in a short span of time.


Nowadays, it’s hard to break away from full-time work and life events to dispose of, donate, gift, and sell a loved one’s estate.  We have the connections and experience to move you forward.

Knowledge of market

Although not all used items bring top dollar; using a liquidator enhances the potential to increase the dollar amount.  


A liquidator works in stages; disposal, organizing, setup, pricing, selling, buyout, and close out.  Most of the time, these services are commission based.  Some fees may apply.

It’s time

Even at 35% to 50% commission; a liquidator will make life easier, take all the work off your hands, and still bring money to the table.  It’s time to consider how many hours of your time could  be stress free.