Your Preparation Set of Questions

What type structure are the contents located, i.e., house, shed, warehouse, apartment, condo, business, or mobile home?

What is the square footage of dwelling?

How many levels?

Are there amenities such as heating/air, water, and bathrooms?

If it is a home, are there extra dwellings such as attic, garage, storage building, or offsite buildings included?

Has any work been done such as trashing, donating, or gifting?

How soon do you need the liquidation?

Is there easy accessibility for parking and getting in the dwelling?

Is it easy to locate?

Is it in a neighborhood and if so, are there HOA limitations?


We enjoy what we do and want to make the transition for you easy and stress free.  A great start for you is knowing what a liquidation company may ask you.  The questions will also help you if you need further assistance from us.  Please feel free to send us the details on the contact section.